November Challenge

This November I will be starting a new job. I wanted to keep my challenges simple but at the same time build new habits with the new work schedule. My biggest problem with my current schedule is that it is all over the place with meetings and work sessions. There is no routine and caused my health and fitness to take a hit over the years. 30 pounds and my butt grew 4 sizes… yikes!

30 day challenges in November:

1) 8 glasses of water a day  

Because I forget to drink water most of the time…

2) Workout every day  

Because my couch has my ass curves…

3) Reduced portion sizes

Because I like to eat… a lot.

I’ve gained weight over the year and my clothes is getting just too tight. I’ve also let myself go a bit after I started dated my boyfriend, my trip, new contracts and buying a house… there’s just so much I have to do. Ugh I know excuses. I don’t expect to lose it all now, but this will be a great way to kick off new habits and build a regular fitness routine to tighten up the jiggly-ness!

Ok now to get nice and healthy! Woo!

– A.


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