How I plan to get my ass back in shape!

Happy Halloween folks!

I start my 30 day workout challenge tomorrow. I used to be much more athletic years ago. I was taking dance classes, playing team sports, going for jogs just for fun… but now, my boyfriend and I try to plan dates for walks in the parks because it’s the only time we make for fitness these days. We could blame it on “it’s because life happened” or we we’re just too busy or too tired, but in reality, we stopped investing time into maintaining our fitness.  We’ve all been there. I’m sure you can all agree with me on this, the couch is way more comfortable than a bike seat!

Ok, excuses over! Time to move yo ass missy! 

Here is what I’m planning on working on in the next month:

  1. Each day of the week represents a different body part that I need to work out more muscle strength. Some days, I’ll have more than one since it’s a similar muscle group. For example abs and back exercises.
  2. Each week, I’ll try a new routine for the muscle workout until I find one that really is killer!
  3. Find alternatives for cardio instead of running. Winter winds are quickly approaching and it will become impossible to have a decent run in 5 feet of snow (not kidding, we have some snow banks as high as 20 feet in the city some years!)

I’ll share what workout plans I find offer better results. My new roommate is a kinesiologist. I will be working with her on designing workout and strength building exercises around previous injuries so I don’t end up hurting myself [again]. I will be sharing workouts supporting back, hips, knee, shoulder and wrist injuries. I know I know, I’m a mess. There’s a ridiculous and/or funny story attached to each injury so I will definitely share those with you. 🙂

Lastly, I’m taking before pictures and will take a new one each week to see the progress. For now, I’m not completely comfortable sharing my flabby belly, jiggly butt and flying squirrel wings. Especially after eating all the leftover candies for the trick-or-treaters. I’m the biggest I’ve ever been and I’m not proud of myself for letting myself go for so long. However, maybe after things have tightened up I’ll be comfortable showing the before and after shots.


What are your thoughts on the best time of day to workout? Morning or nights?

– A.


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