6 Execuses I’ve Used For Not Exercising

It’s a good thing that I didn’t start with a 30 day challenge of blogging. I realized that some of the topics are very fact based which I want to do enough research to give quality articles that are not full of assumptions or ill-advised suggestions. These articles will be coming up before (I  hope) the end of the month. Ok now back to business.


This month has been particularly hard on my motivation to workout. I had a great plan, things were all set up and I even made a huge workout space in the garage (I opted for home workout instead of going to the gym). However, I still managed to not get my exercises done in the past 11 days! I made an executive decision that I will be restarting my challenge today to be able to fully do a 30 day workout challenge.


Here are the 6 excuses I used to convince myself not to workout each day. Bonus: Solutions and tips to get through your inner couch potato.


1) The weather is shitty: “Screw it, I’m not going for a jog in the rain!” “It’s too cold to walk to the store. Let’s just take the car.”…

I live in Atlantic Canada not far from the water which means we get lots of rain, icy winds and tones of snow in the winter which seems to be here more than half the year.

Tip: Dress warmer and stop being a wimp. Duh!

Solution: Create a cardio routine that I can do inside for days when the weather outside is really bad.


2) I’m too tired/don’t have energy: “I had a long day at work. I just want to do nothing until bed.” “I can’t build up enough energy to make it through a full workout. I know I’ll just giveI love you couch up halfway”

Being too tired is a symptom of not exercising! I know this but somehow find myself using this excuse. Exercising often gives you a more energetic lifestyle because simple tasks don’t drain away all your energy because you now have plenty left!

Tip: Make an epic/happy playlist that will give you a little boost of energy to get you going. Keep updating the playlist for continuous motivation throughout your workout.

Solution: Just fucking do it. Even if it’s just a quick 20 minute workout, or a relaxing yoga session before bed… just move your body.


3) I just really don’t feel like it: “The couch is just so comfy. Plus they just added a bunch of new movies on Netflix…”

When working out isn’t a habit, it’s hard to get into it at first. Just do it.

Tip: Make a reward program that you can only watch the movie after you finished your workout. Workout with a friend that is not scared to push you to do it with them.

Solution: MOVIE WORKOUTS! I’ll add a link soon to a list of my favorite movie workouts.


4) I don’t have time: “I’m working a full day today, then I have to make dinner, eat, clean, do this then that…” 96b961b89142ae62d794cae77467718d

Want it or not, working out can take time out of your day. If you work out for 20 minutes you have to take into account your prep time to get changed into your workout gear and then to clean up after you’re done.

Tip: Have a workout outfit ready each day so you can just jump in and not have to worry about putting something together. Have it in a visible spot that it will continue reminding you to get your ass in gear. Have an after workout go to hair do that is quick and easy to save on time.

Solution: Create a workout routine or two that is only 15-20 minutes for those really busy days where you just have 30 minutes to spare including prep and clean up.


5) I’m sick: “I’m not feeling well tonight…” “I can’t stop coughing, there’s no way I’ll make it through.”

I had a pretty nasty cold that’s been lingering around for 3-4 weeks now. I feel that is a pretty legit excuse. Nonetheless, it’s an excuse.

Tip: Rest, drink lots of liquids and eat well.

Solution: Do a simple stretching workout to loosen you up. I know when I’m sick and sleeping all the time, I start feeling really sore from not moving. Just simple stretches do wonders and make you feel way better!


6) It’s late: “It’s just too late in the day now to workout. I have to go to bed in less than an hour…”

That’s just poor timing and scheduling. We all have busy days or days that we’re on the road. When you get home from an exhausting day, the last thing you want to do is exercise, which will give you energy and make it hard for you to just get to sleep.

Tip: Always take the stairs (unless you’re at the Empire State Building, I’ll let you take the elevator in that place). Walk to where you need to go or park far from the entrance. Do desk exercises.

Solution: Workout first thing in the morning! Get up 30 minutes earlier, workout and hop in the shower. You were going to get cleaned up anyway, might as well do it after you’ve sweat out the sleepiness away. Important note: Don’t think about it, just do it!


There are probably more excuses that I used in the last couple of weeks. If I think about them, I will update the list. Now it’s your turn. What excuses do you use when you don’t want to workout? What is your solution to making over the excuses obstacle wall? What are tips to get your butt in gear?




– A


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