This blog is all about fun and pushing myself to try new things.

After a year of lemons and boomerangs hitting me in the face, I decided to take charge and start doing small things to become a better me. From breaking bad habits to working on unfinished projects to learning new skills. I am doing this for me. The goal is to improve my writing skills and to push me to finish what I started.

Each month there will be new 30 day challenges including: 8 glasses of water a day, exercise plan, new makeup tips and tricks, photo a day, holistic diet, oil pulling, crafting, throwbacks, money-saving tips and cleaning. Ya know, bunch of random things that I will try myself and recommend or not. Some months the challenge is tougher so I stick to one but others are simpler and similar so I will be doing two at a time.

I am a marketer by trade. I will be sharing my learnings and client adventures (without naming any names) from branding exercises to using new tools. These posts are mostly for my own entertainment and a great way to remember what I did the other day. Ha!

Might have random stories from my social life as well.



– A.


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