4 week healthy eating challenge




It’s time for a change. I’m not feeling great, often depressed and easily irritated, and I’m always sleepy. A friend of mine is working on her natural nutrition course and asked me to be her case study for class. I completed an interview a month ago and a few days ago she came back with her full analysis. I will change my diet for 4 weeks and get re-interviewed to see if there was any changes.

Diet dates: April 20 to May 17


Top things I’ve been recommending to focus on:

– There’s a chance that I have a dairy allergy, so I it has to be cut out completely

– Focus on preparing my meals ahead so I can enjoy my meals and not eat out all the time

– 3 meals a day and 3 snacks (plan the week)

– A glass of water with lemon each morning

– Increase vegetable and fruit intake

– Supplements: probiotic, multivitamin & fish oils


Any tips on being succesful a this whole diet thing? I’ve never been good at resisting chocolates and chips.